Meet the Team

Karl Stallknecht
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Karl is the founder of Slable, the leading technology services company in Prince William County. Karl founded Slable (originally as KWD Services) in 2004 with the intent of simply designing websites, but branched off into Internet hosting and expanded the services to what we now provide after he successfully built and ran a local terrestrial radio station here in the D.C. area. As the C.E.O., Karl oversees daily management to ensure the team is working together smoothly, and occasionally gets involved in website design and development projects. Karl has extensive development skills in HTML/XHTML and CSS. Karl currently holds a CCNA from Cisco Systems, a CompTIA A+ Technician certification, CompTIA A+ Essentials certification, and a CompTIA Strata I.T. Fundamentals certification. In addition, he is working towards a CCNP from Cisco Systems. Prior to forming Slable, Karl served as an independent I.T. consultant for multiple law firms in the Washington, D.C. area as well as a research and development analyst for a local Internet security firm.

CJ Malm
Director of Technical Support

CJ joined Slable in September of 2007. CJ has played a major role in keeping our customer satisfaction rate near one hundred percent! As the Director of Technical Support, CJ is in charge of ensuring that clients are served as they should be, and ensuring that all of our clients' requests are answered in a timely fashion. CJ runs our Pittsburgh customer service and technical support office, and is also responsible for content writing for our website development projects. (So if there are any typos in these bios, blame him!) CJ holds a Communications degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Digital Communications & Programming Logic degree from the New Hampshire Community Technical College. Prior to joining Slable, CJ worked as a board operator and web director for 92.1FM WPTS Pittsburgh.

Alex Buie
Senior Network Engineer

Alex joined Slable in September of 2009. Alex could easily take claim for being the brains behind building the innovative technology running our network operations. As our senior network and senior software engineer, Alex is responsible for not only maintaining our high quality networks and ensuring uptime, but also for writing over ninety percent of the software code used for clients. Alex currently holds a CCNP from Cisco Systems and multiple CompTIA certifications, including A+ Technician, A+ Essentials, Linux+, and Network+. In addition, he is working towards a CCIE from Cisco Systems. Prior to working at Slable, he served as an independent I.T. consultant for the Prince William County Library System and was an A/V technician for a local church here in Northern Virginia.

Ricardo Dutton
Lead Systems Administrator

Ricardo joined Slable in August of 2014. Ricardo enjoys nothing more than exploring new technology concepts and electronic devices; he is always the first to get his hands on the latest gadget! As a systems administrator, he is responsible for going between client sites to perform installs and repairs, in addition to working from our office to provide technical support to clients and manage our servers. Ricardo has been involved with technology and computers since he was a young boy, and has a passion for learning! Ricardo holds an Information Systems degree from Stony Brook University in New York. Prior to working for Slable, Ricardo worked in the Stony Brook computer labs providing technical support and assistance to teachers and students.

Romin Zandi
Director of Entertainment

Romin joined Slable in June of 2014. Romin is incredibly motivated and energetic, and loves working with people and music. As the director of our entertainment devision, he is responsible for managing many weddings and corporate events for our entertainment division, as well as performing at the actual events themselves as a DJ and emcee. He has had many years of experience DJing with both controllers and vinyl, and knows how to get a crowd deeply engaged! In addition to working for Slable, Romin is also a house DJ for several bars/clubs/venues in the Washington, D.C. area.

Ben Scaldini
A/V Technician

Bob Dittman
Voice Talent &
Support Operator

Bryant Notargiacomo
Field Technician &
Support Operator

Dani Mazer
A/V Technician

Dean Marquis
Field Technician &
Support Operator

Josh Geise
Field Technician &
Support Operator

Justin D’Avanzo
Photographer &
Graphic Designer

Megan Ritter
Marketing Specialist

Sudipta Quabili
Video Production Specialist