About Slable


Slable has been the leader in technology services in Prince William County, Virginia since 2004. Our goal is to provide our clients with professional work that is affordable and reliable, while keeping them up-to-date with the latest and the greatest technology solutions.

Entrepreneur Karl Stallknecht founded KWD Services, Inc. (short for “Karl’s Website Design”) in July of 2004 as a sole-proprietorship. Karl was inspired as a child by his Grandfather, Lt. Col. Edward S. Stallknecht. Edward, who went by “Ed,” had an entrepreneurial spirit as well and after joining the Marine Corps at a young age he found ways to make money on the side, such as tailoring uniforms or making small loans to other Marines. After he retired from the Marine Corps, Ed went on to become one of Virginia’s most successful real estate agents. Karl had the advantage of his grandfather living with his family as he grew up, and always saw Ed as his biggest role model.

In early 2007, Karl incorporated and expanded our services by hiring additional employees and founding a local AM radio station, 1640 AM Kudia Radio, and several other radio projects followed. Since then, we have founded many other Internet radio stations, all of which have since been retired.

In March of 2008, we expanded our services by adding mobile disc jockeying, bandwidth services, and I.T. consulting to our lineup. These services have slowly taken over and have become our main focus, although we still pride ourselves in our website design and development skills. Because of this shift in focus, in February of 2013 we rebranded from KWD Services, Inc. to Slable. Although leadership has shifted through time, Karl Stallknecht remained the Chief Executive Officer since the founding in 2004.

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